Symposium KCIK 2016, Sopot 19-21.05.2016 PROGRAMME

Thursday, May 19

08:50–09:20 - Registration 09:20–09:30 - Ryszard Horodecki, Director of KCIK, Marek Żukowski Director of the Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics, University of Gdańsk, Opening ceremony
Chair: Marek Żukowski 09:30–10:00 - Iwo Białynicki-Birula, From EM waves to G waves: Maxwell meets Einstein 10:00–10:30 - Nicolas Brunner, Local hidden variable models for quantum states and measurements 10:30–11:00 - Adan Cabello, Thermodynamical cost of contextuality: A novel way of "device-independent" quantum information 11:00–11:30 - Coffee break
Chair: Werner Vogel 11:30–12:00 - Gerardo Adesso, Robustness of coherence: An operational and observable measure of quantum coherence 12:00–12:30 - Lorenzo Maccone, Using entanglement against noise in quantum metrology 12:30–13:00 - C. Aris Chatzidimitriou-Dreismann, Maxwell’s Demon and quantumness of correlations n molecular excitations created by neutron scattering 13:00–14:15 - Lunch break
Chair: Karol Życzkowski 14:15–14:45 - Jan Bouda, Randomness as a resource 14:45–15:15 - Hugo Zbinden, Shot Noise: the key to quantum random numbers, secure steganography and efficient image compression 15:15-15:45 - Coffee break
Chair: Nicolas Brunner 15:45–16:15 - Hanna Wojewódka, Towards realistic randomness amplification 16:15 -16:45 - Eleni Diamanti, Practical secure quantum communications 16:45 – 17:15 - Paweł Caban, Activation of the violation of the Svetlichny inequality 18:00 - PARTY

Friday, May 20

Chair: Iwo Białynicki-Birula 09:30–10:00 - Alexander Lvovsky, Hybrid quantum optical technologies for communications and metrology 10:00–10:30 - Werner Vogel, Beyond genuine multipartite entanglement 10:30–11:00 - Lukas Knips, How long does it take to obtain a physical density matrix? 11:00–11:20 - Coffee break
Chair: Adan Cabello 11:20–11:50 - José Ignacio Latorre, Emergence of symmetries from entanglement 11:50–12:20 - Alexander Streltsov, Entanglement and coherence in quantum state merging 12:20–12:50 - Marco Piani, Should entanglement measures be monogamous or faithful 13:00–14:10 - Lunch break
Chair: Alexander Lvovsky 14:10–14:40 - Mohamed Bourennane, Experimental multiparty quantum communication 14:40–15:10 - Konrad Banaszek, Mode engineering for realistic quantum-enhanced interferometry 15:10-15:40 - Dardo Goyeneche, Multipartite entanglement in heterogeneous systems 15:40–16:00 - Coffee break
Chair: Marco Piani 16:00–16:30 - Florian Mintert, Complete positivity of non-Markovian quantum dynamics 16:30–17:00 - Dariusz Chruściński, Sufficient conditions for memory kernel master equation 17:00 - Meeting of KCIK Scientific Council

Saturday, May 21

Chair: Andrzej Jamiołkowski 09:30–10:00 - Wiesław Leoński, Nonlinear oscillator systems - tools for quantum information theory? 10:00–10:30 - Marek Czachor, Dark energy as a manifestation of nontrivial arithmetic 10:30–10:50 - Coffee break
Chair: Lech Jakóbczyk 10:50 – 11:20 - Justyna Łodyga, The conditional uncertainty principle 11:20–11:50 -  Marek Mozrzymas, Structure and properties of the algebra of partially transposed permutation operators 11:50–12:50 - Screening of the documentary ‘That’s the story’ with the introduction of the producer José Ignacio Latorre 12:50–14:00 - Lunch break 14:15 - Meeting of Qolaps’ Partners
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