Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
Quantum foundations has been at the core of KCIK research from its beginning. In the last years we have contributed to the following aspects of this vast research area:

Quantum-to-classical transition
We are prticularly interested in how objective word of everyday experience can be derived from quantum theory. In KCIK we have been developping our own approach, based on quantum state structure analysis and so called Spectrum Broadcast Structures [1],[2].

Temporal Bell inequalities
Recently temporal Bell inequalities were introduced,  which manifest a nonclassical features of temporal correlations. In [3] KCIK researcher has derived Temporal Bell inequalities which do not require non-invasivenes assumption (saying, that the measurements do not disturb the state of the measured system).

[1]  J. K. Korbicz, P. Horodecki, and R. Horodecki, Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 120402, 2014
[2]  R. Horodecki, J. K. Korbicz, and P. Horodecki, Phys. Rev. A 91, 032122, 2015
[3] M. Żukowski, Fron. Phys. 9(5), 629-633 (2014)
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