Project: Quantum information approach to selected aspects of foundations of physics (NCN project OPUS 9)

Description of the project:

Quantum information provides a common language, which can be used to unify phenomena in different branches of physics. Most recent example is application of quantum information techniques to thermodynamics, that allowed to view thermodynamics as a resource theory. Quantum information provides also a new perspective for existing domains. A prominent example is here Bell non-locality: before quantum information era, Bell inequalities were of sole interest of scientists working in foundations of physics. In the project we plan to explore this feature of quantum information to study thermodynamics, Bell non-locality/contextuality/steering, uncertainty principles, and representation theoretic problems inspired by quantum information.

POSITIONS: 1 Postdoc position in quantum information available at National Quantum Information Centre of Gdansk, Sopot, Poland, within the NCN (National Science Centre) project.

Full time employment , 32 month employment contract.

We offer excellent environment and research in wide range of topics.


- PhD in physics, math of computer science,

- experience in quantum information.

Description of tasks:

The candidate will work on new aspects of uncertainty (including majorization approach, as well as in the context of no-signaling theories), Bell-nonlocality, where we will consider in paritcular so called linear games, and thermodynamics in microregime.

The candidate is also expected to supervise younger colleages (PhD students) working in the project.

Deadline for submission: September 19, 2016, 16:00

Additional information: To apply send your CV, reference letter and a short description of scientific interest in single pdf file to fizmh@ug.edu.pl until September 19. Please include “Application OPUS 9” in the subject of your message. Any inquires should be directed to the same address.

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