Symposium KCIK 2013, Sopot 23-25.05.2013
PROGRAMME Thursday, May 23 08:50-09:20 Registration 09:20-09:30 Opening ceremony Ryszard Horodecki Marek Kuś Chair Marek Kuś 09:30-10:05 Barbara Terhal The Power of noisy fermionic quantum computation 10:05-10:40 Robert Koenig The conditional entropy power inequality for Gaussian quantum states 10:40-11:15 Nilanjana Datta Lossy quantum data compression Coffee break 11:15-11:45 Chair Karol Życzkowski 11:45-12:20 Anna Sanpera Staring at criticality with quantum tools 12:20-12:55 Jean-Daniel Bancal Revealing nonlocal correlations without measuring them: principle and application 12:55-13:30 Graeme Smith Bound entangled states with secret key and their classical counterpart Lunch break 13:30 -14:30 Chair Barbara Terhal 14:30-15:05 Jens Eisert Boson sampling revisited 15:05-15:40 Tomasz Paterek Distributing entanglement without communicating it Coffee break 15:40-16:10 16:10-16:45 Ravishankar Ramanathan Free randomness amplification using non-local correlations 16:45-17:20 Jarosław Korbicz Objectivity through state broadcasting: The origins of quantum darwinism Party 18:00 Friday, May 24 Chair Anna Sanpera 09:30-10:05 Karol Życzkowski Entropic uncertainity relations beyond Maassen-Uffink 10:05-10:40 Mohammed Bourennane Experimental entanglement detection 10:40-11:15 Konrad Banaszek Which-way experiment with an internal degree of freedom Coffee break 11:15-11:40 Chair Jens Eisert 11:40-12:15 Robert Alicki
مبلمان اداری صندلی مدیریتی صندلی اداری میز اداری گن لاغری آموزش زبان انگلیسی بوی بد دهان خرید بلیط هواپیما بلیط هواپیما خرید بلیط اتوبوس بلیط اتوبوس خرید بلیط قطار بلیط قطار
Thermodynamical cost of accuracy and stability of information processing 12:15-12:50 Dagomir Kaszlikowski Emergence of macroscopic classicality from microscopic correlations 12:50 – 13:25 Marek Miller Horodeckis criterion of separability of mixed states in von Neumann algebras Lunch break 13:25-14:25 Chair Konrad Banaszek 14:25-15:00 Ramij Rahaman Applications of Hardy correlations in cryptographic tasks 15:00-15:35 Marcin Pawłowski Amplification of arbitrarily weak randomness Coffee break 15:35-16:00 Chair Graeme Smith 16:00-16:35 Christian Schwemmer The systematic errors in current quantum state tomography tools - or How I stopped worrying about negative eigenvalues 16:35-17:10 Michał Oszmaniec Generalized concurrence for arbitrary bosonic and fermionic systems Meeting of Qolaps’ partners 17.30 Saturday, May 25 Chair Robert Koenig 09:30-10:05 Marek Czachor Russian roulette with a cheating player and EPR in nonlinear QM 10:05-10:40 Anna Jencova Distinguishing quantum channels by restricted testers 10:40-11:15 Seung-Hyeok Kye Facial structures for separable states Coffee break 11:15-11:45 Chair Dagomir Kaszlikowski 11:45-12:20 Magdalena Stobińska Quantum walk simulation using multi-photon interference at a single beam splitter 12:20-12:55 Norbert Schuch Characterizing topological spin liquids using PEPS 12:55-13:30 Andrzej Dragan Entanglement and discord: accelerated observations of local and global modes Lunch break 13:30-14.30 14:30 Meeting of KCIK Scientific Council
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