Golden KCIK Award – open for submissions

The Golden KCIK Award will be conferred for solving one of five KCIK problems on quantum information listed below. Any scientist worldwide is eligible to participate. To participate, an author should send before January 31, 2022, to the email address:

a) a single page summarizing the solution (in pdf format),
b) a link to an arXiv preprint posted in 2019, in which a solution of the problem is provided.

In 2022 the Golden KCIK Award conferred for the year 2021 is 2021 EUR. Each year up to two prizes can be awarded. Each recipient of the KCIK Award will be invited to present his/her work during the KCIK Symposium on Quantum Information in Gdańsk. The local costs will be covered by KCIK. The Golden Award can be conferred to a group of authors who will share the prize. In such a case the awarded group selects a single representative to present the work during the Symposium.

If a given problem will not be solved during the year XXXX, the competition will be reopened for the Next Year XXXX + 1 with the same rules. The KCIK Award will be linearly upgraded to XXXX + 1 EUR and the invitation to Gdańsk for the KCIK Symposium on Quantum Information will be valid for the year XXXX +2. The Competition will be closed if all five problems are solved. Then, as always happens, new problems will come into play.