Scientific session commemorating life and work of Roman Stanisław Ingarden

National Quantum Information Centre organise scientific session to commemorate life and work of Roman Stanisław Ingarden. Roman Ingarden was a mathematical physicist, professor at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, founder of two journals: Reports on Mathematical Physics and Open Systems and Information Dynamics and one of the pioneers of the concept of quantum information. His 1976 paper had a short title: QUANTUM INFORMATION THEORY [Reports on Mathematical Physics 10, 43-72 (1976)]. This publication predates by almost a quarter of a century the explosion of interest in quantum information caused by the significant progress in experimental techniques between 1990 and 2000, which enabled the first experimental realizations of transmission, processing and encryption of quantum information.

Three sessions have been held so far, in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

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IV R.S. Ingarden Memorial Session, Nov. 29th, 2023


15.30 – 15:55 Dariusz Chruściński Roman S. Ingarden and his passion for physicsSEE ON YOUTUBE

16:00 – 16:45 2023 Ingarden Memorial Lecture: Artur EkertBell inequalities: From Curiosity to SecuritySEE ON YOUTUBE

 16:50 – 17:00 coffee break

17:00-17:30 Distinguished talk: Marcin Kotowski, Center for Theoretical Physics, PAS

Extremal jumps of circuit complexity of unitary evolutions generated by random

17:30-18:00 Awarding of Junior KCIK Award for best Bachelor Thesis in quantum Information

Mansur Muzafarov, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw and Center for Theoretical Physics, PAS
The time operator in quantum mechanics. A geometric approach to the problem of quantizationSEE ON YOUTUBE
Supervisor: Prof. J. Kijowski

Ignacy Stachura, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw and Center for Theoretical Physics, PAS
Genuine Bell nonlocality in many-body quantum systemsSEE ON YOUTUBE
Supervisors: Prof. R. Augusiak and Prof. R. Demkowicz-Dobrzański

18:03 The End

III R.S. Ingarden Memorial Session, Nov. 30th, 2022


15.30 – 15:55 Andrzej Jamiołkowski My memories of Roman Stanisław IngardenSEE ON YOUTUBE

16:00 – 16:55 2022 Ingarden Memorial Lecture

                        Peter Shor: The development of quantum error correcting codes” SEE ON YOUTUBE

17:00 – 17:15 coffee break

17:15-17:45 Awarding of Junior KCIK Award for best Bachelor Thesis in quantum Information:

Joanna Majsak, University of Warsaw:

Mitigation of coherent measurement errors based on characterisation of quantum devices SEE ON YOUTUBE

Kamil Nalikowski, Technical University of Gdansk:

Non-Newtonian hiddenvariable models in quantum mechanics SEE ON YOUTUBE

17:45-18:15 Distinguished talk: Dan McNulty, Centre for Theoretical Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw

Estimating Quantum Hamiltonians via Joint Measurements of Noisy Non-Commuting Observables SEE ON YOUTUBE

18:18 The End

II R.S. Ingarden Memorial Session, Nov. 24th, 2021


15.30 – Opening of the session

15.35 – Krzysztof Ingarden (Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts, Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Kraków University): Roman S. Ingarden, Life: Photographs from the Family Archives SEE ON YOUTUBE

15:50 – Junior KCIK Award for best Bachelor Thesis in quantum Information:

Distinguished Bachelor Thesis: Jakub Korsak: Compilation of quantum qubit gates in the presence of noise

Distinguished Bachelor Thesis: Błażej Kuzaka: Bell inequalities for quantum systems of local dimension higher than 2

Main prize for the best Bachelor Thesis: Piotr Dulian: Efficiency of random sets of gates SEE ON YOUTUBE

16.00 – Alain Aspect (Institut d’Optique / Université Paris-Saclay), 2021 Ingarden Memorial TalkFrom Einstein photon to quantum information: wave-particle duality in action SEE ON YOUTUBE

17.00 coffee break

17.15 Distinguished talk 1: Karol BartkiewiczMachine learning and Optical Quantum Information SEE ON YOUTUBE

17.50 Distinguished talk 2: Michał OszmaniecFermion Sampling: a roboust quantum advantage scheme using fermionic linear optics and magic input states SEE ON YOUTUBE

18.25 End of the session

R.S. Ingarden Memorial Session, Nov. 25th, 2020


15.30 – Otwarcie sesji przez Leszek Sirko, przewodniczący Polskiego Towarzystwa Fizycznego

15.35 – Miłosz Michalski (Nicolaus Copernius University): Scientific legacy of Roman S. Ingarden

16.15 – Charles Bennett (IBM Research), 2020 Ingarden Memorial Talk: Information is Quantum: what early 20’th century physics
has taught us about the nature of communication and computation

17.15 – coffee break

17.30 – Kamil Korzekwa (Jagiellonian University): Quantum advantage in simulating stochastic processes SEE ON YOUTUBE

18.05 – Marek Rams (Jagiellonian University): Entanglement and open-system tensor networks for quantum transport SEE ON YOUTUBE

18.40 – End of the session