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Award for
Prof. M. Horodecki
Award for
Prof. M. Żukowski
19 Dec 2016
JTF Work in Progress Seminar:
Bogna Bylicka
ICFO, Barcelona
15 Dec 2016
JTF Seminar:
Krzysztof A. Meissner
University of Warsaw
17 Nov 2016
JTF Work in Progress Seminar:
Aniello Lampo
ICFO, Barcelona
09 Nov 2016
Seminar: Johannes Kofler
''No Fine theorem for macrorealism''
21-23 Sept 2016
Quantum phenomena:
Between the whole and the parts
19-21 May 2016
Symposium KCIK 2016
Upcoming Event
JTF Seminar
Speaker: Krzysztof A. Meissner
Date: 15 Dec 2016 11:15 a.m.

Title: Standard Model and beyond                                                                                                                                       Abstract: The talk will be devoted to the Standard Model, the most thoroughly verified physical theory describing all known (up to now) experimental facts in particle physics. At the end the reasons will be given why we are convinced that at higher energies the Standard Model should be replaced by some broader theory - one such theory will be described in some detail.

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