IV Roman Ingarden Session on Quantum Information

In order to stimulate development of research in quantum information in Poland and commemorate achievements of Roman Stanisław Ingarden (1920-2011) in this field, National Quantum Information Centre (KCIK) organizes annual Scientific Session dedicated to the memory of R. S. Ingarden.

  1. In year 2023, the 103 anniversary of the birthday of Professor Ingarden, the annual memorial Session will take place on-like on Wednesday, November 29th, 2023. The session will consist of:
    • Memorial R. S. Ingarden talk given by a scientist working in an arbitrary place in the world, invited in recognition for his outstanding achievements in the field of quantum information,
    • Distinguished talk – one or two lectures given by young scientists working in Poland,
    • Junior KCIK Award Laureate talk – for best BSc thesis on Quantum Information published in Poland in academic year 2022/2023.
  1. The distinguished talks will be selected in the competition from the submissions of papers by the authors born in 1983 or later.
  1. Any author of a scientific paper, who worked in Poland at least for 6 months in the last academic year can take part in the competition. A submission including a title of the proposed lecture and a single page abstract of the main result of the paper together with the reference to the corresponding preprint in the arXiv database, dated within the period from 1.09.2022 untill 31.08.2023, should be submitted by October 25th, 2023 to the address: kcikaward@ug.edu.pl
  2. In the case of multi-author preprints it is assumed that the author is authorized by the co-authors to submit the paper to the competition. Single-author publications or those, in which the applicant played the role of a leading author, will be preferred.
  3. Every year KCIK appoints a Jury of the Competition consisting of 3 – 7 experts working in the field and not employed in Poland. Decisions of the Jury are taken in the procedure of a remote voting via simple majority of votes and at the presence of at least half of its members.
  4. The Jury of III Roman Ingarden Session makes its decision by November 15th, 2023, considering the scientific value of the submitted papers and choosing not more than two propositions out of them.
  5. The Jury has a right to waive the choice to distinguish any talk, in the case when it decides that none of the submitted papers represents sufficiently high scientific value. The decision of the Jury is final.