Recordings of the talks and slides:

Prof. Andrzej Jamiolkowski (Torun) [slides] [video]
Giulio Chiribella (Hongkong) Higher-order quantum processes and quantum causal structures [slides] [video]
Saverio Pascazio (Bari) The Choi-Jamiolkowski Isomorphism: when Maths meets Physics [slides] [video]
Erling Størmer (Oslo) Generalizations of the Choi matrix [video]
Fabio Benatti (Trieste) A few puzzles in open quantum dynamics [slides] [video]
Ingemar Bengtsson (Stockholm) The Heisenberg groups and the dimensions of Hilbert spaces [slides] [video]
Angela Capel Cuevas (Tubingen) A generic quantum Wielandt’s inequality [slides] [video]
Emily Adlam (London) The Operational Choi-Jamiolkowski Isomorphism [slides] [video]
Alexander Muller-Hermes (Oslo) Non-decomposable positive maps from tensor products [slides] [video]
Sabrina Maniscalco (Helsinki) Emergent entanglement structures and self-similarity in quantum spin chains [video]
Vern Paulsen (Waterloo) Positive Maps and Entanglement in Real Hilbert Spaces [slides] [video]
Prof. Man-Duen Choi (Toronto) [slides] [video]